Mid week Report


Yesterday I stopped at the park and saw this random flower someone left. Its plastic but still looked nice. Its nice to find stuff like this. Breaks up the monotony.

Had a ride planned this morn. Most likely a solo road ride. But again with the rain out. So I got rained out Friday, Saturday and Tuesday. I will try again tomorrow. For some dumb reason I put road tires back on my cross bike. I figured with all the rain the bike won’t se dirt for a few rides. And I was bored. And I timed myself. Two tires dismounted and two others remounted and inflated in 6 minutes. You know things are slow when you time yourself during the few chores you do have.

So, fat bike season is just starting up. I’ve sold 3 so far. I guess 4 if you count my EX from last year. In the next week i will sit down and figure out how many I want to put on my stocking order. Trek only has 4 hardtail models so its pretty easy to do. Couple sizes of each works for starters…

The store get more of a winter makeover today. Then we will be in about 80% winter mode. Getting it done earlier than other years is not a issue. The summer stuff has pretty much stopped.

The LRW (long ride wednesdays) will most likely die out. Even if it was dry out this morn Im not sure anyone else was showing. Which is fine. More than likely, I’ll put one ride on the road tires on the cross bike, then switch them back to the 40’s. From now on its mostly dirt anyway, unless, like right now, its too wet. The cross bike on road.

That’s about all I have for the mid week report. I hope to get out on the bike in the morning. I hope to get out on the bike most mornings.


Wa da ya think?

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