Hitch Rack.

This will be the last time I mount a bike on the back of my car. Rack is sold.

Last day for rear rack.

This time of year I ditch the rear rack and opt to put the bikes on top the car, up and away from the winter road grime. Initially, I had planned to use the rear rack for my trip out west (that I will talk about more later) but as I plan said trip, I realize the potential for driving in snow is very possible. I guess I would not have thought that but doing some research about average temps where I want to ride has the lows lower than I thought with the higher altitude.  So on the roof the bikes will go. I would of liked the better gas milage of the bikes behind the car and I guess I could have used it on nice days and always had the option of the roof if I needed it but I have a buyer for the rear rack so sold it is. I can use the money for the trip anyway.

My riding this weekend was limited. Friday morn was a rain out. Saturday morn was a rain out. Sunday came and the weather was near spectacular. 70’s and sun. I would have wanted to ride in the woods but with the two days of rain I thought I better stay out. I did grab the cross bike and thru down 20 miles with some gravel and singletrack. But very little of the last two surfaces. It was a bit wet in the woods but I just tooled around a bit. Cross bike rides are the best I always say. I never just ride on the road with one. Its always a mix.

Today, Im turning ther store into a little more winter. Moving down some ski’s and stuff. Moving some of the summer stuff around. Summer clothes go upstairs, winter clothes come down. That’s about it on the storefront, the transition from summer to winter is historically the slowest time of the year.

That and Im working on two things that Im not going to talk about right now. Like I mentioned, one is my trip west. As much as I think about it its not a 100% for sure deal. Im looking at 10 days gone. Thats a big deal and not sure its possible but I am working toward that. The other could be big news on the store front but cant say anything until the ink is dry…..  one of those things.

Right now every morning is ride morning potentially. The store does not open until 11 so I need to take advantage of this time of year and just go. For the most part I do a pretty good job of that. Maybe tomorrow.



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