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Had a nice MTB ride this morn. Slow, easy. Took my time and looked at stuff. To me those are the best. It was only maybe a 50 minute ride but a nice ride before work.


Yesterday was long ride Wednesday and I headed out with a few others. 30 miles with a coffee stop. I had my cross (gravel) bike with the 40m (gravel) tires on and the others had their carbon road rockets. Needless to say I was the slowest. I mean more than usual.

But I am just done with road bikes and you should be too. I’ll still ride on the road but the days of riding a 22mph paceline is over. I think long ride Wednesday might morph into some kind of cross ride that has us on road and woods. At least I hope so but most of the guys that ride with me then do not have a cross (gravel) bike.

Its full on Fall right now and its game on to get out in the woods. It getting a bit cooler out too. 45 degrees at ride time today. I had knickers and a long sleeve jersey for the first time this fall. It’s time to go thru my gear bag and add in some cooler weather clothing.

The store has slowed to the point where I can pretty much do everything myself. Im here alone 95% of the time now but will bring in someone to cover when I need a break.

I never think so far ahead but Im putting together a road trip out west in about 3 to 4 weeks. A lot has to happen to make it a go but right now Im thinking of hitting up Durango,CO and Moab, UT. Anyway, I won’t talk about it too much for a few weeks yet but thats what’s in my head right now…

I have been on a bike the last 3 mornings and not sure if I will make tomorrow number 4. But I dont see any reason right now not to. Im also thinking about the upcoming nite ride season. Ive stocked up on lights and am ready to go. Just got to pick a day and call it out. It’s completely dark now when I leave the store at 7pm. I really hate that. 

That’s going to be about it for this week. I plan on getting on the bike both days this weekend with maybe a small road trip to ride my MTB somewhere else besides here. Will see. Have a good weekend! Get outside.




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