Back home, back to normalcy and back to my fav bench by the lake.

Couple of closing comments on the Disney thing: I am tired. I slept 11 hours both Saturday and Sunday nites. My body just seems to want to catch up. I havent had coffee for five days until today. Was just hard to do when you started sweating the second you opened the hotel door. The heat was ongoing and relentless. I went thru coffee withdrawal having headaches for a couple days but was past it when I got home and considered many ditching coffee altogether but what the hell, Im old and i dont drink it to excess so I started back up this morning.

Yesterday I thru down a slow 20 mile road ride and it was nice to get outside on a bike. And not sweat.

A few asked about any damage at Disney with the hurricane a few weeks ago.

Batten down the hatches.

All I noticed was these things on selected trees. Which I learned they did just before the high winds came to save some of the more expensive trees. They told me they did 600 of these in one nite. I saw them all over the place.

Today, Im back to the store and just catching up one thing at a time. But its not too bad considering I was gone a week. By noon I was halfway done.

So back to work I go. The store is slow enough for me to be alone here 80% of the time. Ive also am opening the store an hour later now at 11am instead of 10. Gives me more ride time. It’s almost dark now when I close so all of my riding has to be done in the morning. Starting with a ride tomorrow morn. MTBs in the morning. Followed up by a road ride on Long Ride Wednesday morn.

Im thinking a weekend up in Marquette might be in order in the next few weeks. Will see about that….


Wa da ya think?

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