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Trip Timeline

Today is the last day for me in the store for awhile. Well, I’ll be here tomorrow but in and out all day. Hopefully a ride in the morning.

My biggest trip in two decades is set in stone. I leave early Monday morn, oct 30th. Not to return until Wednesday, Nov 8th. Holy crap. Getting new tires on the car tomorrow. Shopping and packing on Sunday. Im pretty excited.

Here’s the Clark Griswold timeline: Leave Monday and drive about 12 hours or so. Get up Tuesday morn and put in the final few hours to Colorado Springs and visit Borealis. Maybe get a ride in Tuesday afternoon in the area. Spend Tuesday nite in C.S. and all day Wednesday too. Hit up another ride and do some sightseeing on Wednesday.  Garden of the Gods will be a priority. Stay in the Borealis guest house for a second nite Wednesday.


Thursday wake early for the around 12 hour drive to the place I meet the others in Utah. Three others are staying in a condo thru Sunday nite. Planing on riding Moab and northern AZ.  Three days of most likey two rides a day. Or maybe one big one. Im not sure how I will keep up with the climbing but Im OK with riding alone a few times. We might use a shuttle in Moab. Or maybe just I will. Depends on what the group does I guess. Just go with the flow. Might just take a day to ride alone.

Then, Monday morn, Nov 6th,  I leave early and head back to Colorado Springs to Borealis to pick up a few bikes to take with me. And stay one more nite at the guest house. And leave for home on Tuesday, Home Wednesday. It’s going to be a crazy 10 days. In a perfect world I will pay for a hotel 2 nites out of ten. But if things dont work to plan thats fine too.

So today I have a lot to do in store. three bikes to fix. Order ahead. Pay bills ahead. Think ahead. Just stay one step ahead of everything.

I will take my laptop with me and post as much as I can. Im not a nite person so I’ll be in early and hope to post then. Im not sure what kind of weather I’ll see. Most likely everything for 70 and sunny to snow cover. The amount of riding clothes I need to take along is staggering. Pretty much everything I own for every temp.

Im putting on my Thule roof box. After having it for 6 years and loaning it out to others to use on trips I finally get to use it for a trip of my own.

So this is most likely it for the weekend. Next post will come from Colorado maybe on Tuesday nite. I should have a ride in by then.




Late Wednesday

It’s really late Wednesday. Late afternoon and I’d thought I would type a bit and post in the morning while Im out riding.  Here we go.

Had a nice hour long MTB ride this(Wednesday) morn. Coldest ride to date. First ride with my Shimano winter shoes. And some base layers under. About 37 degrees at ride time.

Look at the ships hugging my shoreline yesterday. Huge winds and big waves on the east side so all ships hugged west side. Record waves recorded in Lake Superior around Munising. 29 feet 8 inches. I assume they have GPS on the buoy that record that stuff. I dont know how else they dScreenshot_2017-10-24-20-39-53o it.

This was after dark on Monday nite and I did not get to see any of these ships. Bummer.

So we are now in the middle of the week before I leave for the west. Here is what I think I got right now. I think I can leave Monday. I can acually leave late Sunday but that does not make any sense.

So Monday it is. I’ll get around 800 or so miles in before I take a nap, somewhere in Nebraska.

Originally I was set to visit Durango, then Moab. Do some sightseeing on the way. Take my time.

That’s all changed. Now Im heading to Colorado Springs for a tour of Borealis Fatbikes. Of which I am going to start selling in the store. Im going to pick up a couple bikes while Im there. I’ll fit them in my car somehow.

Then, Steve, the owner of Borealis has graciously offered the company guest house for me to stay at for a couple days. So I plan to spend about a day and a half there before heading to Moab to meet the others. And I plan on driving straight thru from Colorado Springs to Moab which is no big deal. But I won’t be able to drag my feet. Which is fine cuz I have a place to stay in Moab free of charge. So it will be Colorado Springs Monday and Tuesday nite, then Moab Wednesday to Saturday nite. There has been talk of heading to Arizona for a day and a half too sometime between there. I’d be up for that.

So it looks like the west deal is going down. And with stopping at Borealis you know its a business trip.

So now Im thinking about my fatbikes. I know I’ve discussed this before. I have a Trek Farley EX that I absolutely love. I make it 29+ in the summer, then 27.5 by 4 in the winter. But here’s the deal.

In the summer its amazing. In the winter you just dont use all that suspension and you gotta kinda lug it around all winter on the groomed trails. But really, its totally a fair trade off because really we are on groomed trails at best 3 months a year. So the bike is a bit heavy and overkill for three months and then it rocks the rest of the year.

But I think I want to ride a lighter rigid fatbike again. So my thoughts are to build a Borealis Creststone up this winter. Really, I pride myself on riding what I sell and if Im going to sell those fat bikes I want to ride one. So my thought is to sell my EX, even tho I’ve only had it a couple months, and ride a carbon rigid fattie at 23 pounds. Maybe HED wheels. Id stick with Sram Eagle for the pie plate granny gear.  Of course sell that one in spring. More thought on that one…..

So thats on my mind today. Impending trip and Borealis fattie.

Going on a small cross bike ride in the morning. Looks to be a couple degrees warmer.


Native American Summer Over

My mood is running with the weather today. Its cold and dreary. Persistent drizzle all night and into today. Out first Tuesday Nite ride is doomed. It seems like the nice stretch of weather we had was weeks ago but really just two days ago.

Peninsula State Park

Last Friday I spent a nice day up in Door County. It seemed the trees were not quite peak but close enough. Temps in the 70’s. We hiked and had a small bike ride in the local State Park.

After some time in the woods we headed into Fish Creek to shop, hang out and attend a fish boil that we usually hit when we are there.

Fish Boil

Saturday morn I had to work alone but did get in a short ride with the group. I started out with them but flipped it early to be back to store at 10am to open. Saturday was pretty much the last of the Native American summer. Looking at the 10 day its back to normal or near normal weather.

All weather indications are pointing to a winter starting sooner than last year. I heard some flurries with accumulation in the U.P. this weekend. We’ll see about that. Down here there is a small chance of some snowflakes tonite. I would not mind that at all.

Sunday’s ride window was early morning. I had everything home I needed to ride including the cross bike but I opted for a walk in the woods instead which was nice. I got home around 1030am just as it started to rain a bit, The rest of the day Sunday was on the couch eating too much. I hate days like that.

That leaves us Monday and today, Tuesday. Like I mentioned our first nite ride was to go down tonite but thats out. Just too wet. And I have new lights and everything. Next week I guess.

But wait! Next week is my west trip. Well, to make a long story short its in jeopardy for personal reasons. As I type this it not off but as it sits today will be much shorter as I dont have all the days I thought I had for the trip. So do I cancel and just do it later? Do I go now even tho it could be cut in half? I was shooting for 10 days out but it looks like 7 max now. That’s 4 1\2 days driving and 2 1\2 day riding by my estimate. Is it worth it? I have a few days to figure it out.

Original plans had me leaving Sunday morn. Now could be Wednesday. I think it is possible to push it off to a later date. But it depends on how much winter I want to deal with during my visits out there. I’ll spend the next few days in deep thought and let you know what I decide.



What a amazing Native American summer we are having. Temps near 70! Looking at the 10 day, soon it will be near or at normal. With highs in the upper 40’s soon. I say bring it because the snow is not that far behind (I hope).

Both Wednesday and Thursday I hit up the trails in the mornings. First our local city park, then today our local State trails. It’s really game on right now as the leaves are not quite peak here but falling. Soon gone.

Speaking of game on. Im again out of store tomorrow. Spending the day up in Door County looking at trees, hiking and riding bikes a bit. Also some shopping and eating. So this is the last post of the week. 

Todays ride was in the state trail system we call Greenbush. It’s a 15 mile or so drive from my house and thats kinda a bummer in the morning but I did get in a good hour of riding. MTB riding is quite a bit harder to do than say riding the cross bike on the road. In the woods you are forced to do short intense intervals and I sure felt it. Lots harder efforts than Im used to of late. I gatta say once again having a 50 tooth on my cassette is wonderful for a old fat guy. Now I can pedal up parts I had to walk before. Granted, you most likely can walk faster than Im pedaling but it keeps me on the bike and thats a good thing.

Right now Im running a 30 tooth oval front ring with the Sram Eagle. I call my 50 tooth  granny gear the “pie plate”. As in “what gear are you in”? I respond, “Im in the pie plate”.

I need a lot more time on the Farely before I head west. I am concerned about the altitude and the climbing. Im pretty sure I’ll be riding solo most of the time with the others waiting up at their convenience. And Im good with that. I just gotta do my own thing. If I let those things bother me too much I would never get out west to ride. As a good friend tells me… it is what it is.

Im only a few days from a week to go. And I got things to do like get some nicer tires on my car. I’ll have over 4k of miles in 10 days. Thats a lot of driving but thats OK. I like driving. I got satellite radio. I’ll get into some specifics of my route next week.

Right now I have to try and take advantage of this weather. Live in the now. Worry about next week sometime next week. So that means spending the day in Door County tomorrow and getting out on the bike all weekend.

Hope you get outside too. Have a good weekend.