Disney (part 2)


Its Friday at 3pm eastern time and I am done. All four parks in 5 days. Today we returned to Magic Kindom for a second visit. Im already back the the hotel, everyone else is still there. Since we talked last thing took a turn for the worse. I guess it was the heat that beat me down. Around 95 everyday, Thats close to 100 in the parks. 

Its like riding a mountain stage for 6 days with only one rest day. Everyday just wore me down a bit more. We would get back from the parks around 9ish and I was straight to bed. Only to get up around 8 and head out the door for another day fighting the heat. Relentless.

Ironically, if it was not for the heat I would of had a pretty good time of it. The knees held out. I wore knee braces the first day but took them off the rest of the week. I was pleasantly surprised with how my knees handled all the walking.

So as I type this I am done with the parks. Time to relax the rest of the day. Flying home late tomorrow. Still have most of the day to deal with tomorrow. Flight at 6pm.

I am looking forward to coming home. Looking forward to not sweating. That would be nice. Also looking forward to getting back to bike stuff.

But all in all it was a nice time with the Fam. I wouldn’t do it again anytime soon but glad I did heat and all.

Have a good weekend.


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