Its Tuesday and Im taking the day off today. After doing Magic Kingdom on Sunday and Hollywood Studios yesterday Im letting the Fam head over to Disney Springs while Im taking the day to relax at the hotel.

This will be a short post, just a update. First off, my knees are fine. They are holding up well. What I did not see coming was the heat. Its hot here even for Florida. I have not stopped sweating since we landed in Saturday. On Sunday, at the Magic Kingdom I had to pull the plug at 530pm and come back to the hotel solo while the rest closed the place down. That day, besides the heat I felt the 21 hour day the day before.

Travel day Saturday started at 3am back at home and I did not hit the sheets close to midnight. We flew out way too early and we had to sit in a food court for two hours before our rooms were ready. After settling in we went out to eat. Home way too late. Long day. So Sunday was a disaster waiting to happen due to the day before.

Monday at the Hollywood Studios was way better. I was better prepared for the heat and was better slept and better hydrated. Yesterday I lasted all day. Out the door at 9am and not back until 1030pm. A good day.

But today they were not going to a park but Disney Springs which is a shopping\eating spot which I can skip so I have the day to rest up for another park tomorrow.

The heat is nuts. 90+ everyday this week. Way hotter in the all concrete parks. Its over 10 degrees hotter than average even down here. I am suffering. At $3 per bottle our water expense here is unthinkable.

Physically Im doing fine. The bad knees are holding out. Im walking more than pretty much all summer and my legs feel it. Using muscles differently than on the bike. There is no doubt I will get home weighing less. And thats a good thing. Maybe this is the push I need to keep thing rolling in the respect.

Not sure when I will post again. We will be in parks Wed, Thurs and Fri. Fly home Saturday. But one of those park days will be a afternoon arrival so maybe that morning.

Today I’ll just hang around. Its too hot to even sit outside by the pool unless Im in shade. So Im off to look for said shade.


Wa da ya think?

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