Im Out.


I had the bike loaded up on my car for a ride this morn but huge storms overnight had me rethinking. I would like to get one small ride in the woods before I leave for FL and it looks like its got to be tomorrow along with the 200 other things I need to get done that day. Work ahead in the store, pack, cut the grass, do all laundry. And get to bed by 9pm for a 3am wake up. Not looking forward to that.

I guess all in all Im not looking forward to this trip, and I say that now, but when Im there Im sure I will have a good time. Looks like temps near 90 most of next week Yikes, thats going to leave a mark.

Here’s what the storm looked like on my home from work last nite. It didnt hit for another couple hours.

So yesterday we put in a Long Ride Wednesday. 6 of us for 50 miles. And of course I did not eat or drink and bonked pretty hard at mile 40. It was near 80 degrees at finish and I have been getting used to 60 degree riding of late. That said, I did bring water but not enough. I was dehydrated the rest of the day. To where I was feeling sick. Im recovered this morning but it was a tough rest of the day in the store for me yesterday. And I just had a yogurt before the ride. Not enough food for those miles.

Its crazy how I over eat and drink off the bike and under eat and drink on it. That’s just wrong and I know it. I’ve always been super bad at that stuff.

So no ride today but Im going to leave the bike on the car for tomorrow morn. Maybe a easy hour in the woods before work to clam me down.  I have help coming in the store at noon so I’ll show up to get things rolling here than bug out early. Over an hour to cut the grass. I might do that and come back to the store for another hour just to go over stuff with everybody. Since I opened the store 10 years ago I was never gone a full week. So Im nervous. Its should be fine tho.. Im sure I will be in and out all day…

Im pretty sure I will not post tomorrow so this will be it for awhile. I will have a laptop with me but not sure if I will blog or just post on Facebook. It looks like we might see the edge of the hurricane Saturday into Sunday. 50% rain forecasted those days but the big storm will be pretty for to the east. But even on the edge will be enough to say I was in or near a category 4.

So the next time you hear from me will be from the Magic Kingdom, or Epcot or  something. Trying my best to keep up to 4 kids ages 4 to 9. I have my work cut out for me.

Have a great weekend. Get outside. Talk soon.


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