Just a quick one today. Nice visit to my happy place this morn. Enjoyed some solitude before work. And to top it off today was a good coffee day. Some days its just OK but some days its amazing. Today is one of the amazing days.

I got to work way too early today since Im alone here all day. Not sure what is up with that but maybe its just making sure I get stuff done before I leave.

As I mentioned before Saturday I leave for 8 days in Florida. Disney with the kids and grand kids. Some of you who know me may have heard me talking negative about this. And I  just want to say dont get me wrong. Im sure this time with the Fam will be great. I took my kids to Disneyworld about 10 times in a 12 year span. Sometime twice in the same month, But.. the kids grew up and the last time I was there was 16 years ago.

My daughter booked everything for us so I can’t complain and I won’t out loud. But at my age and the status of my knees have me thinking 8 days is a bit too long. With my weight at an all time high Im not sure how much walking I can do with these two bum knees. I have braces I can wear to help and I will for sure bring them along. That along with lots of Ibuprofen.

I guess Im fearing for the worst but hoping for the best. Pace myself. But no way Im going to keep up to a pair of 9 year olds, a 5 and a 4 year old in the Magic Kingdom. I’ll do my best and Im sure I will have a good time. I’ll be gone from the 23rd to the 30th.

My next and final post for the week will most likely come Thursday morn. I hope to ride some tomorrow morning. Pending chance of rain. And might be my race road ride of the summer. I’ll still ride on the road but with my cross bike with the cross tires back on. I have road tires on right now but big 32m tires. Its a smooth ride. But back on will go the 40c tires and back to the road\woods riding I love so much. Once it hits Oct here the road bikes get hung up pretty quick and the MTB rides start. Or cross bike rides….. My favorite time of the year.

Friday will be a crazy day both at the store and at home. We actually leave for the airport at 3am (with a strong protest from me) so thats really Friday nite to me. i will try and get to bed by 9pm which is not that hard for me to do as I already do that now. Friday at the store will be nuts for me too. Making sure all the ducks are in a row for a week of absence. Kinda stressful.

That’s about it today. 


Wa da ya think?

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