Weekend (impact)Report


Another weekend gone. I worked at the store. I rode bikes. I did stuff. Pretty much all solo. And thats not all bad.

Saturday morn I ditched the normal road ride to the State Park and had a MTB ride in out City Park.


Such awesome weather we are in right now. Warm, sun and blue sky everyday for the last week. I just want to close the store and go ride my bike everyday. Some leaves are falling now. Its game on as Fall is here. Every year at this time I scramble to get as much outside time as I can. It was a great ride. Just tooled around the place, no big efforts needed or wanted. These kind of rides are what Fall is all about. Very pleasent. Had a good day in the store also Saturday.

So Saturday was the Chuammy 40. Here’s a video of the rollout out of Hayward. I must say the drone piloting here is top notch. Its funny how I’ve done this a bunch of times before I “retired” and now that Im out most of my friends now do it. Where were they 10 years ago? Seeing all the posts at the race makes me sad I dont do it anymore. Honestly I dont think I could even if I tried these days.

But deep down something tells me to lose some weight and give it a go again. The last time I did this was 2014. And I had to bump down to the shorter race due to poor fitness. But I would love to do the long race one more time….

On Sunday as I sat on my patio and  decided which bike to ride.

So I grabbed the Crockett on Sunday and acually put in a couple intervals. Not sure why I did that cuz its so not me but I did. I had a thing I used to do when I didn’t have a lot of time to ride. I would take off down the road and put in a nice 30 minute warm up. Then at the 30 minute mark I would flip and see how much time I could take off the same distance heading back home. I havent done that in years. I TT’d it back and took off two minutes which is not a lot but I worked pretty hard a few times. Trying to hold 22mph or so as long as I can a few times. I thought I would take off more than two minutes but thats really not too bad for my weight and fitness right now. I used to do 5 or 6 minutes back in the day.

I was done by noon so I just sat outside are read all the posts about all the fun people were having up in Hayward. Remember I was then there a month ago.

So that was my weekend. This week, my thoughts turn to the impending family trip to Disney. We fly out in 5 days. For 8 days. I have a lot of ducks to get in a row in the next few days and I hope to get out maybe once on a ride.

I guess I will just see how the week goes




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