I brought the Farely home thinking a very small ride this morning would be nice. I slept in and noticed the fog when I got up. Pretty thick. I decided not to. Maybe Saturday morn then. Im starting to ditch the road riding and head to the woods more. Its time.


Yesterday morn 4 of us headed out for a near 40 mile road ride. The fog was thick as this morn. To the point of getting as wet as riding in rain. It was still doable but wet. Water dripping off our helmets as we rode. Had to take off any glasses. But about 3\4th into the ride the sun came out for a bit and stopped for coffee (and a donut). Once back on the bike we headed back and the fog returned as we got closer to the lake. As soon as it gets even a little bit colder we will be on the MTB’s in the morning. In the summer my road to MTB rides are about 5 to 1 (road), soon that will be flipped. 5 MTB and 1 road.

So my last post I mentioned the Rockymount thru axle bike tray. And just for fun, I ordered the Thule I spoke of. Here it is.


The good thing about this is since its a clamp it fit all sizes of thru axles with no adapters or switching sleeves. But thats about it.

First off, like I said, this thing was designed by NASA. A million moving parts here. A lot going on. It take a hour just to assemble it. And its huge. The head is almost eight inches across, taking up a lot of real estate on your cross bar. This rail for sure has to go to the inside of the car’s towers. To put it on the outside like I like it I would have to order longer crossbars (not going to happen) and once mounted would most likely hit my head on the damn thing when I got out of the car. And this thing retails for like $239 or something. The RM is about $189  Still, Im going to put that fancy one on the car anyway. Im sure its nice.

In the end I’ll give the nod to the Rockymount. Its cheaper, easier to use if you have just one thru axle size. Much simpler and smaller. It might take be the better part of the afternoon just to get it on my car. I can only imagine what happens to the Thule after a winter of salt and grime. Way more maintenance.

If I were a consumer, Id take the RM. But Im a dealer so I’ll put on the Thule.

Thus ending the thru axle bike tray discussion.

I have a few business meetings tomorrow morn so my next ride will be Saturday morn. Most likey solo and I hope on the Farely. Have a good weekend. Get outside.



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