Two in a Row


Its been awhile since I posted two days in a row but I woke at 430 am and could not get back to sleep. So what do I do? Go to work of course. But not before I spent a little time with my freind Lake Michigan. Was a nice visit.

Another thing I need to get back to is some product evaluation. I like to try new things whether its tires, a bike or car rack or whatever. Last week I got the new Rocky Mount Switch Hitter roof rack bike rail. The reason this one caught my eye is the fact that you can mount your thru axle bikes WITHOUT a adapter of some sort. In the summer I mount the bikes on back the car, but in the winter its all op top to help keep the bikes out of the elements and road grime.

In the past I used the Rocky Mount locking adapter and it worked great. But was just another link in the puzzle that needed to be tightened and locked. You need to lock the adapter to the rack to be able to lock the bike to the adapter.

Old School.

Don’t get me wrong. As far as adapters go this is the best. But in the winter I took it off when the bike was not on the car. So it was a double lock, two key operation.


Now with the new mount, I just thread the thru axle thru the mount and tighten.


As far as locking, its got a cable that hides in the rail until needed. Its keyed. Thule does not have this.


As far as thru axles, its got you covered with 15 by 100, 12 by 100, 15 by 110 for all you boost fans and of course 15 by 150 for our fatbikes. And its got a quick release 9m sleeve for all you old school riders. To change the axle sleeves you just pop off the front plastic cover and need a #4 allen. Takes about 3 minutes to change.

I’ve used it twice now and its good to go. I will get another for the other side soon. Its gotta be all matchy. I do have one complaint. DSCN5744

The rear clamp is odd the the side of the rail. So I can’t clamp the rail to the utmost outside of my cross bar because it hits the mounting tower. So for now the rail has to be mounted to the inside of the tower as opposed to the outside that my old Thules bolted on to. I like my rails as far out as I can get them. Just easier to lift the bike up and attach. I think what Im going to end up doing it bump the cross bars over a couple inches so I can mount one on the outside one and then one on the inside. The outside one will be drivers side and the one I use mostly.

Im sure there are other roof rails coming soon just like this. Of course Thule has a nice one. Almost $50 bucks more per rail. This is cheaper, simpler and has almost no moving parts. The Thule thru axle clamp system Im sure works nice but it looks like it was designed at NASA. There’s a lot to go wrong there.

And who knows… maybe I will get one of those to try out sometime. But for now its this one. For now.


Wa da ya think?

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