Nice Weekend

On my way to the trails!

A very nice weekend if I dont say so myself. Saturday had me riding solo before work. Warmer temps made the ride easy. Sunday I loaded up the Farely and rode some trails for the first time since Hayward weekend. And that was nice too.

While I have more on my plate right now my thoughts are turning toward Florida. Because of the storm and the fact I’ll be there for eight days in less than two weeks. Hitting up Disney with the Fam will be a test. Like Ironman to some this last weekend,  I just hope to finish.

My plan was to start walking a mile before work everyday and that just did not happen. Like all of my plans of that nature. Epic fail. Now its still a bit less that two weeks away and Im a bit concerned. I guess the only thing left is to just be smart about it. This may sound weird coming from a guy who can ride a bike pretty good but its my knees that take the brunt of all that walking. Could be up to 10 miles a day. I’ll wear a knee brace for sure.

I’ve never been away from the store that long either. I’ve got things covered just fine but since I do all the repairs and ordering at this time of year I hope I dont have any issues with that in mind. 

Back to the riding, I enjoyed the MTBing Sunday. Soon that will be about 80% of what I ride. Soon we will start the Tuesday nite rides. I need to get lights. Saturday we set up the fat bike display. And Im bring down the winter ski and snowshoe stuff way early. It cant hurt.

As soon as Im back from Florida Fall will be in full swing and it will be game on to get outside as much as I can. More on that later.


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