End of (Week)

Not a ton to write about. A couple guys and I went on a morning ride yesterday but it was cut short as one of the dudes busted a spoke at the 10 mile mark. We nursed him back to the store and was planning on heading out again but once we got back everybody just kinda lost all their ambition and we all pulled the plug. 20 miles in so it was not a complete bust but that was the extent of my long ride Wednesday.

I took off the 40mm gravel tires off the Crockett and put on some 32m road tires. The ones I got with my Domane last year. So this will be my road bike to close out the road season. Soon it will be 90% MTB and I’ll put the Clement tires back on.

Yesterday I loaded up the Farley EX and planned a short but nice ride this morn but that did not happen. I have not sat on this bike since we were in Hayward three weekes ago and I thought it was time. Instead, I got some errands done. Got the oil changed in my car and hit up some stores for some supplies for work. That makes me feel a little better skipping the ride.

I have my BMC Roadmachine all packed up and FedEx is picking it up today.

Headed straight into Irma.

However, can you believe its headed to Miami? I called the buyer and asked if I should wait a few days with the storm hitting this weekend and he said to ship it so ship it I shall. And yes, I did insure it for full value. Still Im a little nervous. It was scheduled to arrive Tuesday. If thats even possible.

As the store slows down I’ll get more time to type. I’ve been promising some product evaluation and thats what I try to do soon. I ve started my car rack comparisons and will give a in depth write up on the new Farely EX now that I’ve put some miles on it.

That and two weeks from today I will be prepping for 8 days in Disney Florida. I hope I survive that. Also making the storm a little more interesting this weekend.

I will for sure get in a little ride around the woods in the morn. I’ll leave the bike on my car. Just an hour in the morning. Saturday the same ol\same ol of  quick ride before work and Sunday I always leave open ended heading into the weekends so I can make a last minute decision on what\where to ride.

This will be it for this week. Have a good weekend.


3 thoughts on “End of (Week)

      1. Unfortunately that is way over my budget, and I am not sure if the 56 is the right size for me. With my 180 cm I am between 56 and 58 according to Trek’s recommendation. May I ask what the saddle top to bottom bracket distance is on the picture above? Thanks in advance!

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