Busy (new road bike)

Just as quick as I write off the summer the store picks back up and Im busy again. The big news is I sold my Roadmachine on eBay over the weekend. I got a relatively good price for it ( which means I didn’t lose too much money). But I got a good summer out of it and the best thing is I have my new 2018 frame here already and the build for next summer will start early.

2018 came early for me

So now I get to start all over again and thats a plus as I love to build bikes. I’ve already ordered eTap hydro for it. Sram Red crankset this time. No goofing around with lower end Force this time around. I’ll have to find some wheels to use temporarily as Im ordering these guys but not available for a few months. I usually would not go that deep of wheel that I would need to use an stem extension but these babies are going tubeless. I hope that does not come back to bite me in the ass but Im going to give it a shot. No stem extensions needed but what if I need to tube it out on the road? That will be a bummer. But Im going tubeless road until I decide I dont like it. Keeping an open mind.

The long weekend was nice. I didn’t come to the store for two days. But paying for it today as I have two bikes to ship, a few to repair and a few to assemble. I was in the store before 8am and I dont mind.

Got in a good 35 mile solo ride Sunday. 20 miler before work on Saturday.

As I mentioned earlier I sold the BMC. For a bit, as I build the new one, Im without a road bike and thats fine. I’ll throw some smaller tires on the Crockett and run that on the road for a few weeks. The road bike season is maybe another month. Then its almost all cross and MTB. The cooler temps are here and soon the leaves will start turning and its going to be game on for getting up north for bike riding. I’ll do the best I can.

That’s about it for now. I need to tend to my chores today.

Tomorrow’s Wednesday already and LRW (long ride Wednesday) may happen. Or not. Will see how I do on my chores today.



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