Almost Water Spout


Spent some time on my favorite bench this morn. Just a nice relaxing way to start the day. Im here maybe 3 times a week. But as Fall approaches a bit less as my riding increases. Today for the first time I had the heat on in the car on the way to the park. Just a little. Fall is getting closer.


Heres kinda how the way the lake looked today. Some heavy, low hanging clouds were coming to shore. And then a first for me. Or maybe almost a first.

A waterspout almost formed. It was close but never got closer to the water than this. It tried for maybe two minutes and then was gone. First time I ever saw a almost water spout. I gave it words of encouragement but the little guy just could not do it. But still kinda cool.

So back in spring my kids asked about going Disney World with them and the grandkids and I thought why not. Ive brought my kids there about 10 times in the 90’s. So I agreed. But I was informed this week that this trip will be for 8 days and thats a bit much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I will enjoy the time with my fam, but Im not sure I can do 8 days. But the flights are booked and I leave Sept 23rd to Sept 30th. It’s been 20 years since I was on a trip that long. And 17 years since I have been to Disney. Should be pretty challenging. This is happening in three weeks. I just need to get thru that one and I have another trip planned in the books. Nothing set in store and I won’t work on that one until Im back from Florida. But this could potentially be bigger than the Disney trip….

Back on the bike front. I sold one of my BMC’s on eBay. The red one I rode for a month before my demo bike came this spring. I dont like eBay and I did not make much on the sale but its gone. My main bike, the Roadmachine One, has had some hits but nothing that sticks. Its hard to sell a $6k roadbike in the fall.

It seems I most likely will recive my 2018 bike in a few days, give it a few weeks and strip the 2017 and build the 2018, then sell the 2017 frame only. The cheaper you make something the bigger user group to buy it. So will see how that go’s

Yesterday I put in 40 miles with a few guys. It seems LRW (long ride wednesdays) is back on. As I cut summer hours from my hired help its always challenging to keep the store covered and ride at the same time. But this fall looks good in that respect.

Im planning a nice ride in the morning also, so this will be it into the weekend. A long weekend too. Im closed Sunday and Monday. And need to try and make the most of that.

I hope you do to.


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