Failure to Launch.


Friday morn I grabbed the 920 for a shakedown ride. It’s been almost 6 months since I swung a leg over this bike and have never turned a pedal on it since I put it back in tour mode. So a test ride was due. Im happy to say nothing fell off the bike and as soon as I got back I emptied the bags and started final pack for the weekend.

But all was not good in that respect. The weather dudes were calling out 90% chance of rain Sunday\Monday. Chance of storms. After thinking about it I decided I did not need to be a hero and tour in adverse weather and I pulled the plug early Saturday morn. The tour bike will have to wait to get another call to action.

Saturday. Same spot different bike.

So Saturday morn after I pulled the plug I grabbed the cross bike for a little woods\road before work. A nice hour and a half. I was glad to get the ride in as I suspected no riding Sunday.

But besides a little drizzle Sunday morn it had been dry the rest of the day and I wondered if I made the wrong choice to pull the plug. But my decision was vindicated this morning at 4am when a few pretty good storms blew thru. And I was glad I was not in a tent at the time. So its back to the drawing board for some bike camping… And the summer is going fast.

Next week the kids go back to school and the store slows a bit. Now is the time I look ahead to see how much time off\riding I can do. I am heading into the best riding time for me. Slower store, cooler temps. And I have to take advantage.

I have some big plans Im working on. So big they seem impossible right now but Im working hard on making them happen.

You will know as soon as I know.


Wa da ya think?

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