Mid Week/eBay


Had a good visit to my park bench this morn. Cooler temps had the bugs down a bit. Nice breeze. Caught a pic of the Federal Drawso heading to Milwaukee. The ship shows from the Bahamas. Thats a long ways away.

I can’t believe its past mid week and a week ago already I was driving up to Hayward. It kinda seems like I just got back.


Yesterday morn I rode for the first time since the weekend. The legs sure felt flat to start but got better as I rode. About 40 miles on the road bike with two others. It’s been close to three weeks since I was on this bike. I really like it.

As far as my road bike go’s. It’s time to get rid of it. I always hope to get it to a local but with such high end stuff its hard to sell that locally. So for the first time in years I put a demo bike on eBay.

See it here.

I hate using eBay for selling a bike. Always a high potential for disaster. But I’ll give it a go one more time. But I dont think I ever had a pleasant ebay bike sale. I hope that changes. In fact, I hope to open a small eBay store just to see what happenes.

Here’s the start.

I have no expectations. Just want to move some of the product thats been here too long. If I can just get my money back out of it so be it. And with all the eBay fee’s and such thats about the best I can hope for. And if the road bike sells I will ride my Crockett on the road. Maybe get another wheelset with road rubber on it. I really like that bike too and for the most part dont mind a road ride with the 40mm tires on anyway.

Another thought today is Im heading out Sunday for an overniter on the tour bike. Leaving Sunday, back Monday. Heading to a State Park about 60 miles away. I have yet to even throw a leg over my 920 this summer. Id better take it on a shake down tomorrow morn. That bike has been disassembled\assembled several times last year and I better make sure it works…..IMG_0387

I just dont get to tour like I want to these days. Just too time consuming. But maybe someday I’ll have more time and would love to do a couple weeks some summer.

That’s about it for this week. Im going to try and ride in the morning and that will bring us to the weekend. I have no plans. Short ride before work Saturday but now we are close Sundays so I have that day to figure something out. Road bike? MTB? Not sure.

I like to keep my Sunday options open. Have a good weekend!


Wa da ya think?

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