Hayward Visit

No visit to Hayward is complete without a stop at Paul Bunyan’s in Minocqua.

Had a great visit to Hayward. If you googled the term “blown out” you should see a pic of me. 9 hours of MTBing in three days. I was in bed by 9pm almost every nite with throbbing leg muscles. And tons of cramps to go with it.

Thursday was a nice drive up. In and out of rain showers all the way. A quick stop at Paul Bunyan’s in Minocqua is always a great way to start the vaca. However as I got closer to my destination in Seeley it was apparent that even if the rain stopped the trails were going to be too wet to ride on Thursday. But I had my cross bike and could settle on a nice road ride on some secluded road up there. We all know the area for MTBing but the road riding is also second to none.

But twice I was ready to kit up and the rains came right as I made the decision to go. The last time was at 4pm. I figured the roads were dry enough and as I started to get ready another rain came thru and that was the end of any riding on Thursday.


We stay at Lenroot Lodge on Seeley. Just a couple miles from the main trailhead on “OO”. So with the rain out me and another just went out to eat at River Eatery in Cable. Alway good food.

Fri morn we had two others coming around noon so we headed out on the cross bikes looking for gravel or just some way to get in trouble. But not too much trouble. We rode down to the OO trail head and grabbed a little single track on the cross bikes.


While I wouldn’t suggest a long ride on the trail with a cross bike it still was fun to do a shorter one. Seeley Pass is a must do trail there and heads north out of the OO trail head towards Cable.


Makwa heads south towards Hayward. We had to cut the single riding short as the other guy broke a spoke. That happens when things get a little rowdy on the trails.

After limping the broken spoke home, just maybe  a couple miles, we waiting for the others to come and I decided I wanted to look for that new over\under bridge I’ve been hearing about.

So we headed to the Birkie start line and the beginning of the Ojibwa trail. This trail is one of the oldest in the area and was one of the original Telemark Resort trails from years ago. But it was apparent that CAMBA has been taking some time to spruce up the trail. We saw many spots where the trail has been freshened up. So a shout out to CAMBA for not just building new but protecting the old too. Not many systems do both.

After a while the other guys wanted to leave Ojibwe and I wanted to stay to look for the bridge so they turned left at an intersection and I turned right. After about 10 minutes alone I found what I was looking for.


The new over\under bridge connects Ojibwa to the other old Telemark trail called Esker. The connecter in not complete but the section they have done is awesome with this bridge. Burms and small table jumps before and after you cross this. Another great feature on these trails for sure.

Meanwhile, the other guys were busy getting lost. I had the keys to one of the cars bach that the trailhead so I finished my ride, went back to the Lodge and cleaned up before they even got back. Day one was a blast and was pretty blown out.

I’ll lump day two and three together. Saturday was the day we went to OO and headed south on Makwa towards Hayward. This was going to be the big ride day and it didn’t disappoint. About 20 miles of single track and just under four hours of ride time. Heading south the elevation goes down. Heading back it was more going up and that was a good workout for a old fat guy. But really they have these trails trails laid out so well you climb a lot but dont know it at the time. These’s a bridge over a swamp on Makwa that was blown out with all the high water they have up there so its been closed all summer. As we headed south we came across the detour signs. I wanted to ride over to see it but we decided to stay on the detour on the Birkie trail. Then, on the way back north, maybe a hour later all the detour and trail closed signs were gone. What the heck? So we took the trail anyway and if someone complained about us riding a closed trail we just would play stupid since all the signage was gone. Turns out the bridge had just opened like 10 minutes before we got there and I was the second or third bike across. Very cool.


The new bridge is three feet higher than the old one. And a bit wider too. Very nice!

After Saturday’s ride I could barely walk. I need to train better for my vacations. Dinner and in bed before 10. I was so sore I could not fall asleep very well. But I’ll take that anyday if its from riding a bike in the woods.

Sunday the guys planned a three hour ride and I just did not think I could do it so I drove to a farther north trailhead and went south to meet them. After about 20 minutes going south we met up and headed about 30 minutes or so north. When we flipped it they were about a hour and a half away from their cars but I was only 30 minutes from mine. A nice ride just a little over an hour. Not a lot but we had to get back, cleaned up and out by noon. So we did. Stopped at the Sawmill to have lunch, said our goodbyes and we left for home.

Another successful Hayward weekend. I dont think Im riding a bike for a few days… A little recovery is needed. And that is a indication of a good bike vacation weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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