20 Minutes


I got 20 minutes to get this post done. Last day of work for me as I leave early morn tomorrow for four days of bike riding, eating and drinking a little beer. Today will be a busy day in store. I’ve been coming early and finishing late this week and Im acually caught up with repairs for the first time this summer. Thats a good thing as I will be gone for 3 working days.

This morning I put in another short ride on the new EX. Since the first ride I put on a setback seatpost. With last years EX I just shoved the seat back but this seat has carbon rails and I just felt better keeping the clamp in the middle of the rails. Plus sitting a smidge farther back on a trail bike is not the worst thing. I also added paddle grips like the ones on the older EX. White to match the seat.

I pretty much dialed in the suspension this morn and its working pretty darn good. Again, the rear is the same but the Manitou fork needed some work. But I got it set up good now. The bike is on the car rack and thats where it will stay for the ride up tomorrow.

Funny thing….  As I was setting up the rear I ran it a little soft and started to hear a tire rub somewhere in back on the big hits. I of course assumed the tire was hitting the frame when the suspension was completely compressed and I was fearing the worst in that regards. What the hell am I going to do with that?

Turns out the rear tire was hitting the seat bag. I guess Im using more of the travel. Anyway, crisis averted.

 I will take my laptop up with me and maybe post from the coffee shop Friday morn when Im waiting for the others to arrive….

I’ll leave around 6am and will be eating lunch up there by noon, riding by 2pm tomorrow.  The weather dudes are calling for some rain up there tomorrow morn and then sunny the other three days. I will call that acceptable.

Anyway, I gatta go. Got bikes to fix and sell, and then bags to pack.


Wa da ya think?

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