Heading to Hayward!


One week from today I will be headed to Hayward,WI. But really we hang out in Seeley and Cable, WI the most. This would be one of two trips up there this fall. I got three other guys to join. I had hoped for more but its a busy time of summer.


I’ll bring my Crockett along and will plan on a afternoon for gravel roads. And for sure my Farley. But not just any Farley…  my new 2018 Farley EX 9.8 is in and Im hoping it ships this week yet. Its pretty much the same as the 2017 except its silver (not black!), has Sram Eagle 12 speed which I have not used yet and a Manitou fork. So the first time my fatbike will not have a Bluto fork. The Manitou looks much beefier and most likely a bit heavier. Adding weight to a bike that is heavier than Im used to already. Although my current EX weight Im pretty used to. I’ll pull the dropper post out and lose a pound there. Also pull out the tubes and lose a pound there too. But all in all it will be 30+ pounds which is not bad considering what’s all going on there…


This is what it looks like. Im pumped its not black… I’ll hold off using any electric driveline so I can ride the new 12 speed. Looking forward to it…

And looking forward to riding some new CAMBA stuff up in Cable.

Check out this new feature that just opened up. We will for sure hit up this one when we are up there….

Its a week away and Im pretty pumped. This next week will seem like a year to me….

I had planned on a nice road ride this morning but we got rained out. Will try again for another tomorrow but not quite as long. The rains will keep me out of the woods for awhile again.

With my new bike on the verge of hitting the store I put my old (2017) bike for sale and it went quick. Less than 4 hours online it was gone. That’s the way I like it….

Im sure I wont post tomorrow so have a good weekend. I hope to be building and fitting a new bike this weekend!



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