Late Report.

Its Tuesday morn and this is the weekend report. Timeline running backwards.


I have two choices in the morning. Since the mornings are my real time off per day I can either get up early and do things, or make it a lazy morning and get up slowly. With the busy day yesterday I decided to get up slowly but the minute I got outside I realized I made the wrong choice. Just beautiful outside today. A bike ride would have been a much better option.

Yesterday was crazy in the store. Last day of the advertised sale and Im pretty sure we had a day that made the top 5 in store history. I have a lot of ordering to do today. Overall this has been the best organised sale in store history and for that I am thankful. Moving on.

I did spend some time in the park Monday before work. And I got to see and old freind that I have not seen all summer. In the same tree I first saw him in in 2008. He looked at me and gave me a nod and I did the same. It’s the first time all summer we have met.

Hello old freind. Monday morn.

Sunday I spent some time in the store, maybe a couple hours before I grabbed the road bike and headed back home. After some lunch I was going to hit the road but looking at the radar my window to ride was closing too fast. So I waited. The rain came and went. Then around 3pm I saw my window and headed out. Riding north from my house. Just a couple of miles in the roads got real wet. It was not raining but just finished. Just two miles back at my house it was perfectly dry so I flipped and headed back south, past my house and then west.

About 5 miles west I hit more rain. So I turned south again as it seemed it was all coming from the north. Dry roads again. I knew I had to eventually swing back north to go home and did so. Making it home and no more than 15 minutes later it was pouring. I cheated the rain for 20 miles.

Saturday was a quick ride to the park before work. It was cool, sunny and I had the road bike. No wait….. the cross bike.

This weekend is Ore to Shore up in Marquette and this is one of the rare years Im not headed up there. Mostly due to the fact Im headed up to Hayward the very next week. Once the store slows down I will have a few weekends to head up to the U.P. and I will for sure take advantage. The fall is my favorite time of the year and its when I get in the most riding. This fall should be no different.

More on my planned Hayward weekend later. Right now I have some ordering to do.


Wa da ya think?

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