Today is Friday. It’s been a busy sale at the store. Maybe the best sale we have ever had. Working late and here I am at the store 3 hours before open. Getting stuff done. Including this post.

Yesterday my BMC rep Tyler stopped in at 8am and rode with us. 5 of us headed out for a 40 mile ride with a coffee stop in the middle. A very pleasant ride even tho we got caught in a huge downpour about 4 miles to go. One of those rains where you can’t see. Well, in fact it was a pretty good storm with a ton of lightning too. I really didn’t care. It was a warm rain and when it was pouring we were maybe 10 minutes from the store. But we were soaked. Water squishing in our shoes. You gatta have that happen a couple times a summer if you ride a lot. I started carrying a towel in my ride bag of late and that sure came in handy yesterday. Just put all the soaked clothes in a garbage bag and threw them in the washer as soon as I got home last nite. Again, I kinda enjoyed that rain.

Today I planned no ride. Getting stuff done in the store to set up my weekend. Work today to ride tomorrow. And Sunday.

845 am

In years past I’ve seen this and just wondered what it was. What you are looking at it the front and back of a big ship but the horizon covers up the rest of it. Pretty weird that the curve of the earth can be seen like this.


I drove to higher ground to see it was the Stewart J Cort heading to the steel mills in Indiana. Hauling iron ore to the steel mills for car manufacturers. And others I guess. Its one of the few 1000 foot ships. Check out the fishing boat fotobomb. Pretty cool. I didnt even see it when I took the pic.

I hope to ride before work tomorrow. Most likely cross bike. Sunday is open but most likely be road bike since we got a ton of rain yesterday and some more today I think.

The stores sale ends Monday and after big deep breath will figure out my fall weekends out of town. I have a few in the works. Hayward just two weeks away….

Have a good weekend!



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