I used to write here almost everyday. Now I seem to not find the time to do it 3 times week. That makes we think a bit. I know its the stores busy time and for me to be busy is expected but I wonder if my life is getting busier overall. And I hope thats not the case. Im a little more than a couple years from 60 and the “R” word is coming into my mind a lot.

Work Or Retire

Im hoping to retire by the time Im 62. Im going to start collecting social security as soon as I can. These days nothing’s guaranteed and to wait for a bigger SS check I think is foolish.

Anyway, Im planning now for the future. I wish I had said that in my 30’s but that was not the case. I will not retire wealthy and thats just fine by me. In a perfect world I retire to a small place up north ( Hayward\Marquette) and work part time in a bike shop. Im pretty sure I will have to continue to work in my retirement but maybe just half as much.

Which is hard to imagine today as I am putting in between 10 and 12 hours a day here. And as I get older those days are harder on me. At least I notice them way more now. Back in the day I would not have given it a second thought.

I do have a lot to deal with considering retirement. But I guess we all do in that respect. What to do with the store? Health insurance and how much income will I really need to get by? I guess we all have those questions when we get old. Im not looking to get out soon but I just want to start planning my escape pretty soon. At least think about it.

Last week I got in a ton of riding, this week looks like zero. Repairs are backed up a bit here and I have to spend my morning knocking a few out before we open. One or two after we close too. And on top of that… it appears Im coming down with a bit of flu. Its running thru my family as we speak. My wife is home from work today. Kids and grandkids have it too. So I have that to look forward to the next few days…

Maybe a very small ride before work tomorrow before this flu hits me harder… cross bike for sure.

Other than that I’ll talk about my planned Hayward weekend soon…


Wa da ya think?

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