Big Weekend

Wow. Not a post since Wednesday. And that means two things. The store is busy and I’ve been riding. In fact I rode every morning from Thursday to Sunday. And another great coffee visit to the park this morning to take it all in. I think this was the best riding weekend this summer. And you cant beat the weather. Sunny and 80’s for the last 5 days…


Thursdays ride was a doozy for me. 50 miles. It’s been over a month since I tackled that kind of distance. And I felt it too. It’s hard to blow yourself out in the morning only to have to go to work for 8 more hours when I get back to the store. I was a hurting unit the rest of the day Thursday.

But what a great ride. 6 bikes. 70 degrees and sunny the whole time. We had a tailwind heading out and at times was cruising at 23 to 25 mph pretty effortlessly. We did suffer for that on the way home but I know how to hide behind a wheel as good as anyone. A short 30 minute coffee stop about 3\4th of the way. Very nice. I hope to get a couple more of those before is starts to snow around here.

20170728_084428 (1)

Then Friday was a great cross ride. Some woods. Some road. Some boardwalk. Another near 20 miles on great Friday morn. Then moving on to Saturday and yet another ride to the park before work. Back to the road bike and almost another 20 in the books. That’s almost 90 miles in the last three days all before work. Thats got to be a record for me.


Then on Sunday I grabbed the MTB for maybe the third or fourth time this summer. My woods riding is way down this year and I guess I’ll blame the weather a bit. My window for a MTB ride is small these days and if the trails are wet I’ll stay off. But Sunday they were good to go and I hit up our local city park for about a hour and a half. Was nice to get back in the woods for sure and I need to practice up for my upcoming Hayward weekend in less than three weeks so I hope to use this bike a bit more.

So that concludes a great weekend of riding bikes. Im here at the store pretty early today to get all my ordering done. There’s a lot to do here these days. And Im glad that I did get these rides in cuz I never know when the next ride will come.

Hope you had a great weekend too!



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