Late Wednesday

I seem to have more time for typing later in the day than early morn. Yesterday I loaded up the Farley for some riding in the woods this morn as it had not rained in about 5 days and I assume the woods is dried out a bit. But once again my MTB riding was cut down as I awoke to thunder and rain at 6am. So I laid back down and decided to just take a walk when I woke.


It was wet and raining when I left home but when I got to the park it was all dry. Looking at the radar we had rain all around us but nothing on the south side and tons on the north side. So after a very short walk I just sat on a fav bench and stared at the lake for awhile.


A pretty slow morning with another ride not taken however tomorrow I have a pretty big ride planned. I’d like to do 50 miles before work so we will see how that goes. Looks like about 4 of us.

Im sure I’ll let you know what happenes….


Wa da ya think?

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