Late Monday

Bit of a late Monday post. And maybe due to a somewhat uneventful weekend.


Saturday I had the usual short ride to the park before work. It started raining\misting just as we left and we did get a bit wet. Just enough to call it a wet ride.

After work I brought the road bike home for a Sunday ride but that never happened. I had plans for a solo 20 miles or so but just could not find the motivation. I even got all my clothes out and layed on my bed ready to go. And thats as far as it went. Two naps later it was dinner time and I just put the clothes away. Feeling bad I did bring my ride gear to the store with me today and am considering riding home and back again tomorrow. Kind of a way to make the lazy Sunday not feel so lazy. 

I did have a nice park visit this morning.


The weather this morning was amazing. Lower humidity and temps made this morning coffee visit very pleasant. I wish I could have stayed there longer but I was running late.

I hope to get in more miles than average this week. Mayber a longer ride Thursday morn. My current ride times have taken quite a hit of late but thats expected this time of year.

I do have some events waiting in the wings but its too early to comment on them. One is a trip to Hayward on Aug 19\20. And then just the next week I have a overnight bikepack to a park about 60 miles away on Aug 27\28. Again, too far into the future to think about but Im sure will come soon enough.

More on that stuff later…


Wa da ya think?

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