Cant believe its Friday already. The week goes by fast when you work a lot. Had some help on vacation this week so its been a blur…

I did get out for a short ride yesterday before the store opened. A nice 20 miles before it got too hot. Temps have been up and huge humidity.20213898_138715100045593_6378277703031717888_n

I rode the BMC. I thought about the Crockett but was limited on time so I thought I would use the “fast” bike. I really like this bike and hope to ride it a bit more before its up for sale. Ive actually thought about parting it out. Its always great so sell a demo bike outright but when the price tag gets high then the number of available buyers plummets. I would consider selling the driveline, frame, wheels all separate. And while that opens up the sale to a bigger audience its also three times the work. I’ll think about it for awhile.

The new 2018 fat bikes are starting to hit the store.


Starting with the entry level Farely 5. Same price tag as last year but with a carbon fork and 1 by 11 drive. Its crazy how far these bikes have come in over just 5 years. This was a $2300 bike a few years ago. Now $1700. I got two in and one is already sold.

Today will be a busy day as I am alone in the store so I better open early and try to stay ahead of the game here. Im planning on a short ride before work tomorrow morn and will have some help with me so thats good. Next week the store is back to full strength and I can resume some longer rides in the morn.

Sunday I hope to ride something somewhere. Just not sure what.

Get outside and have a good weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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