Two in a Row

Will wonders ever cease? Post two days in a row.  I planned a short ride this morning but opted to grab my coffee bench in the park for the second day in a row.  Such a nice cool morning. This time of year the park is busy and my alone time is limited but still worth the time I put in there.


I dont see a lot of ships sail past this time of year but I did catch the Federal Kumano sneak past. Registered to the Marshall Islands wherever that is. And you can tell from the pic it was way out there. Not very visible to the naked eye. Im sure many people would not even notice it but Im used to looking for them along the horizon.


There’s my coffee view. I might just see more of it as Ive decided that Im going to walk a bit on the mornings that I dont ride. It’s crazy how far I can ride a bike but a 30 minute walk has be working. Much harder than a 30 minute bike ride. My body has become so used to bike riding thats its so efficient at it. Throw in another type of activity and it freaks out. As far as weight loss and fitness, riding no longer helps me. Except for maybe getting better at riding, and make me more efficient at it and even having less of an fitness impact.

So Im off to the shoe store to look for some walking shoes. I guess thats a thing. I’ve always had cheap throw away shoes and like anything else need to spend a bit more money to get a good pair. And I have no idea what’s good or bad but thats what the interwebs is for.

Im a bit short on help this week so Im not sure when I’ll get out to ride. If I do it will be a short one before the store opens.

That’s about it for a Tuesday.



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