Nice Weekend

Another huge gap in posts which means one thing…  Im out riding in the morning.  Thursday was 45 miles, Friday and Saturday around 20 to 25 miles each. And Sunday finally got an hour on the MTB.


Thursday’s ride was not uneventful. All of a sudden my rear driveline started skipping. Just riding along (JRA) and after stopping and looking it over came to the conclusion that my freewheel in the rear hub was skipping… I then cut the ride short and started to soft pedal home but I was close to 20 miles out at the time. The others kept going but turned around for me after they figured out I was no longer in the the group.

It got to the point where I was afraid to ride up a hill with the constant skipping. I stopped one more time to take a look but could not see anything. About 8 miles from home the culprit came to light. My chain broke as I was soft pedaling. I kinda thought that it could be a bad link coming apart on the chain but when I stopped I looked for that and didnt see anything. It didnt break with a bang but sorta just rolled off the bike and onto the road.

Of course I didnt have anything along to fix it but someone else did. Im glad they turned around after I broke off.  One of the guys had a chain tool and a quick link. I pulled off the bad link and installed the quick link and it was good as new again. And was grateful someone had that stuff along. Among the 6 of us he was the only one. 

Im not sure why it came apart. Just one of those things I guess. Now the chain has two quick links on it but thats fine by me. I considered a new chain but I think Im good with this one still.

Friday and Saturdays rides were quick ones before the store opened and uneventful in the good way. Sunday I decided to grab the MTB (really a fatbike) and acually ride in the woods a little. I think it has been at least 3 weeks since. I headed out to our local State trails and put in about an hour. It was a very nice, slow ride. Cool temps and sun. I just tooled around and looked at stuff maybe stopping twice to catch my breath on the climbs. Its crazy how you lose a little skill when your out of the woods for a bit. I was bouncing off every rock in the trail but I didn’t care. I was just happy to be in the woods.

So all in all a good weekend of riding. This morn I just spent some quality time in the park in my favorite bench. Had some coffee and relaxed before I went into the store. Thought about a way to take some time off in the next few weeks. Maybe a overnight bike tour? Let’s see if I can make that happen…



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