Monday Morn


Pic taken right across the river from the store. There is a lot going on down here in July’s. Festivals and such. My store is the building that looks like it has a steeple on it but thats the church a block behind it..

Anyway, Saturday had the Salvation Ride leave this area. Most of the guys (and gals) from our group were doing it. I had to open the store at 10am so I left with them in the morning but flipped it at my usual spot near the Park. It was such a nice day for it.  I hope they had a good turnout. It looked like it.

On Saturday I was alone again all day in the store. That’s always tough to do as most of the people walk in at the same time. Crazy how that happenes. I took some time to re arrange my shifters\handlebars on the BMC. Just wanted to turn up the bars a bit and move the levers up a smidge. New tape too. But my taping job was a bit sub par as I only got two revolutions around the bars before each customer walked in. So it took me an hour and a half to wrap the bars. I need to re do it today….

So I took the BMC home with me on Saturday to put in a nice road ride with the new shifter and bar position. It’s actually been awhile since I rode that bike. My last 5 or 6 rides have been on the new Crockett. I even rode the cross bike with the century guys Saturday.

Anyhoo, I get up Sunday, watched the crazy tour stage, cut some of my grass and then kitted up for a ride. Hopped on the bike and started to roll down the driveway. Saw I was in the big ring and went to shift down and…. nothing. Nothing on the rear either. I pushed the microshift button on the front junction box and nothing. The bike was completely dead. What the hell did I do yesterday when I messed with the bars\shifters? I distinctly remember shifting it after I was done.

So I threw the bike on the car, drove to the store (which I was not planning on going to) and again grabbed the Crockett, drove home and went for a ride. I was pretty bummed about the BMC but I’ll have to take a look at what happened to it today. And before you ask the battery had plenty of charge. Remember, when a Di2 battery get low it parks the front derailer on the small ring and you still have shifting on the rear. This was different. The entire system was dead. Battery unplugged? That’s never happened before and really is just too simple….

So I have that to deal with today.

Update: It’s now Monday afternoon. So I hooked up the Di2 to the diagnostics to find out everything was fine except the battery was bone dead. After just charging it not that long ago. So my theory is this: When I got home Saturday I took the bike off the rack and into my garage. I then leaned it up against my work bench. I think the bike leaned on one of the shifter buttons and held it in all nite. Somehow draining the battery so dead it would not even register when I checked it. All charged up and working fine now. Back to the morning post now…

But I did get in a nice ride on the Crockett, then a relaxing day hanging out on the patio at home. So Sunday was nice.

Today looks to be a good day in the store to get things done. Im here early to get some paperwork done and to get the ordering fired up early too. The faster I get this stuff done the more I can ride later this week!



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