It’s crazy how little time I have for writing here. Overall that means Im riding more and thats not a bad thing.

This morning I did 20+ on the Crockett and deemed it good to go. It always takes me a few rides to get things all set up the way I want. You can do all the measuring you want but nothing beats time in the saddle to tweek things out. The new seat seems just fine.

The bike fits we well and I really like it. In fact, today I rode with two others on road bikes and I choose the Crockett with the fat tires. Im sure they had to hold back a bit for me but if they took off that would be OK too. I really wanted to  hit the woods a bit but the roadies would not be able to follow and since they were waiting up for me I stuck with them in that respect.

One thing I did do is ditch the tubeless setup. The Clement tires are 120tpi, light and thin and not made for running without a tube. They would bleed down quite a bit overnight and thats a bummer. So I pulled them off, cleaned them up and put some tubes in the tires. That also helps me as I can run a higher pressure for the road and I felt that this morn. Those tires are rated up to 90 pounds which is unheard of for a 40m tire. I ran 50 pounds tubeless but had 70 in this morn. Much nicer road roll for sure.

I will be riding this bike a lot. Until I sell it anyway.

Im getting more used to the eTap and like it more and more with every ride.

Its Thursday and Im pretty sure I wont have time to type tomorrow so this is it before the weekend. I have no real plans for this weekend but sometimes those are the weekend with the most riding. It looks like the woods might dry up a bit so maybe I can get back on the MTB on Sunday. It’s been now a full three weeks I think since.

I have two posts Im working on: one is Di2 vs eTap and the other is a bit on car racks. I’ve switched from the Thule T2 Pro to the Saris Superclamp EX. I’ll explain why in the post….

Other that that have a good weekend and get outside.


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