Strange Monday

It’s the Monday between Sunday and Independence Day. Not real sure how the store will be today. Maybe some rental bikes going out. It might be a good day to get some repairs and paperwork done. Of course we are closed tomorrow.

As far as riding goes I have been shut out so far the Holiday weekend. I knew Saturday was going to be a no ride day as I had to be at the store early since I was working alone. But Sunday morn I had pegged to put a few hours on the Crockett. However that was a wash out as rain moved in around 10am and did not leave until about 4pm. Once again the woods is soaked and its going to need 4 or 5 days of no rain to get back in them. It’s been too wet on and off for over 2 weeks now and I can’t remember that last time I rode in the woods.

I thought about some saddle time this morn but heavy fog had me re think that. I did bring my gear bag with me to work in case I get a spare hour to get out. Could happen.

It’s been very foggy every morning of late. High humidity.


Check out these crazy fog formations over the lake. Very cool stuff.


I’ve been kinda experimenting with seats of late. I’ve been on a few that have some “relief” in the middle but this is my first full cutout. It’s on the Crockett right now. It’s a Bontrager Montrose. Lets see how at works out for me.

That’s about it. Hope you’re having a great Holiday. I hope to get on the bike later today but if too busy then for sure a nice road ride in the morning. You should be outside too!


Wa da ya think?

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