Heading into Holiday.


Another great ride this morn. Yesterday too. Thursday 3 of us grabbed the road bikes and put down 45 miles with a stop for coffee. Definitely a ride I could do a few times per week. Im pretty sure I have more road miles in already than all of last year. And maybe thats because the woods have been so wet lately, keeping me off the MTB. Either way Im glad to get these rides in.

This morning I grabbed the Crockett and put in another  hour and a half before work. I can tell the 40mil tires are slower on the road but thats to be expected. Im getting used to the eTap. Its shifting perfectly right now. Like I mentioned in the last post, I always ride something a bit before I drop my opinion on it.

Its kinda tough to ride two bikes that have different shifting motions but I guess I’ve been dealing with that for years. Makes for a few missed shifts but thats not the end of the world to me.

I even spent 20 minutes in the woods this morn. These cross rides are my favorite. Just tool around, dirt or pavement. Its a great ride when you’re riding solo. Again, when riding alone this is the bike I will be on. So much fun.

Not sure what I have going this weekend. I have to work alone this Saturday. So that rules out any morning ride for me. Of course its the Holiday weekend and should be a pretty busy weekend. We are closed on Tuesday so that will help with some R and R.

Im sure I will get out for a ride at some point in the next few days. Maybe a couple.

Hope you have a great Holiday! Get outside.


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