So… another morning ride foiled by rain. Pretty huge storms once again rolled thru early morning. It looks like the MTBing here is out for awhile. Pretty wet right now.

I havent said much about my current bike build. 2018 Trek Crockett. I was lucky to be one of the few here in the States to get a set of Sram Hydro eTap. And I mean there was less than a couple handfuls released. I have a few more sets on order and they show early Aug to arrive. So I got pretty lucky.

Here’s a sneak peek and the bike. Its not entirely done but will be soon. Actually Im just waiting for the rear caliper mounting bolts and thats it. I’ll announce the bike next week when its done. I didnt ride it yet but Im pretty sure I’ll be happy with it. Big 40c tires mounted tubeless. Remember, gravel is all the rage these days. Anyway, more on this later.

As I expected yesterday, Im staying home this weekend. You know I did want to change my mind this morning but a quick check on the weather up there had rain chances go from 40% to 60%. So its officially over. No first enduro for me. Im kinda bummed about that. But again, to spend the money to go up there for a weekend only to rain would be a bummer. Save the money for another day.

But I will still take advantage of the store being covered as I will put in at least a 50 miler in the morning. And then hit up the races in the afternoon\evening. Should be a nice day. Sunday most likely another road ride as Im sure the woods will still be too wet to ride. But I’ll check to make sure. So I’ll get a little “staycation” this weekend. And if Im not headed out of town thats the next best thing….


Wa da ya think?

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