Weekend in Jeopardy

I havent been taking any pictures of late. It goes in spurts. One week I take a hundred, the next zero. That said I do have a lot in the archives to use when I need to.

Frozen beach. 1\13\17

Yesterdays LRW was only 35 miles but a year ago that was a long ride for me. I’m pretty sure I have more road miles to date this summer than all of last year. or at least close. The weather continues to be amazing. 70’s and sunny. Except for this morning. Storms rolled thru about 6am and now it high humidity and foggy. I have another ride planned this morn that got rained out.

Today I turn all my thoughts to the weekend. An hour a go I was figuring out what to pack for Marquette. And as I type this Im not going. Checking the weather has 30% chance of rain Saturday and 40% on Sunday. I just can’t spend the money to go up there with those odds. So I thought maybe Hayward. It’s a couple hours longer drive but still worth it. But same thing there. Rain Saturday and Sunday.

Im still handing on to taking the weekend off but I really dont know what to do. Now Im looking at a day trip somewhere to ride but I have to be careful as most trails are pretty wet right now. Such crappy luck. Betting odds will just have me scrapping the entire thing and working. And if i do the silver lining would be being able to attend Downer Ave. I’ve been to that one many times. I guess I’ll just consider it a consolation prize.

Maybe I’ll try the Saturday roadie group again. The one I didnt last 8 minutes in last month. Or maybe do my own Saturday morning ride. I’ll need to do something as its not fair to my employees who changed up their schedule for me to do something this weekend, just to tell them to forget it.

I just gatta figure out what it is Im going to do.


Wa da ya think?

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