Weekend Report


My weekends are getting pretty boring. Mostly work with a few short rides thrown in. Saturday morn was a short hour and a  half on the road before the store opened. Sunday I did think of a bit longer road ride but the huge winds (up to 30mph) told me to stay on the woods so I grabbed the MTB and headed to our local park. However it was still a bit muddy from the storms a few days ago and that ride was just under an hour. I guess better than nothing. Lets see what else is going on…

The Tour of Americas Dairyland is in full swing. This is a 11 race series that took the place of Superweek, but can’t really hold a candle to Superweek when in its prime. I considered going to the race on Saturday after work but that didnt plan out. I might try and catch one during the week this week but wont get to see any next weekend if I go to Marquette. I used to try and get to at least 3 or 4 of these but just dont feel the same way about them anymore. Back in the day many ProTour teams sent riders here. Lance raced here. Cadel Evens raced here too but that was back in the Superweek era. Those caliber of teams and riders are long gone. Its still a bike race tho. If I get to one I get to one and if I dont then I dont.

So I’ll have Marquette on my mind all week. Should I go? Should I race? Should I camp? Today they have released the downhill runs for the Enduro…


The only one I’ve done before was Flow and that was like 8 years ago on my cross country bike. Also, I checked last year’s results and only one person did the beginner so I might have to consider doing sport and do three runs. So I will go to sleep pretty much every day this week thinking about this.

Best case scenario: I dont crash and I dont take last.

Worst case scenario: There are many ranging from taking absolute last with embarrassing times to ending up in the hospital.

Im a pretty smart guy and would hope that I will know when to say when and stay on the conservative side but not being even on the same page as everyone else would be pretty embarrassing and would not consider it a good experience. And a waste of 65 bucks. Not that I’ve wasted 65 bucks before on some race…..

So thats whats on my mind today. I do have some things cooking in the store, one being the building of my new Crockett with hydro eTap. I just have a few small pieces to go and its complete. Actually hope to take it up to Marquette with me.

Lets see how this week goes first.



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