Long Ride Wednesday seemed to be another success. 50 miles in the books. With that ride yesterday I now have done more 50+ rides this summer than all of last year. Which is 4. I used to do one a week all summer long. But Im not complaining. More is always better. At least for bike riding. I really like the new route Im using too.

A huge storm rolled thru yesterday afternoon putting MTB Fridays in jeopardy this week. I dont think the trails will be ready in time so most likely a short road ride tomorrow.

I guess with less than a week and a half to decided I need to make some decisions on the Enduro up in Marquette. But today it seems like a lot of work. Im thinking I will have to put the dropper post back on. Maybe I can get away with just dropping the rigid post before a run. Not sure. I will need to pedal back up the mountain so I could just bring a wrench with me and put it back up? I’d hate to crash and land on a wrench in my jersey pocket.

Putting the dropper post on would be at least an hour to run the cable and housing thru the frame and hook it up. That seems like a lot of work for 15 minutes of riding. Also, I will need to borrow a set of nice platform pedals. I dont own a set. You need those when you’re bombing downhill. And I guess I’ll wear my hiking boots. Their heavy enough to be able to put my foot down if I need to. Again, seems like a lot of work but I keep telling myself I need to do at least one of these. Just to say I did. When I start thinking I should maybe pass on this I watch this video.

Anyway. Will I or wont I will be the focus in the next few days. Moving on.

The last few weeks has me only posting twice a week. Its busy now but the main reason is Im riding more too. I only have so much downtime when the store is busy and I need to spend it wisely. So if i ride in the morning this could be the last post until next week.

If so have a great weekend and get outside. You know I am.


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