3 Ride Weekend


For some reason its getting harder and harder to find the time to write these. Sure, the store is busy but really I think its me just getting to the store not as early as I used to. Sometimes its due to a bike ride which is an excellent trade off.

Friday morn I headed to a local trail system called New Fane. Ironically in New Fane, WI. It’s about a 45 minute drive for me. I try to get here at least twice a month. I like riding here. The only bummer is the hour and a half I spend in a car to do so.

Saturday morn had me on the road bike doing my usual ride to the Park and back. This hour and a half ride is about all I can do on a Saturday before work now that its busy. I must have done this ride at least 500 times in the last ten years.

Sunday I once again grabbed the MTB and headed to our local trails for some nice woods riding without having to go hard. Just a nice tool around the woods for an hour before work. Yup… we are now open on Sundays too.

The news this Monday has been the heat. Almost 90 the last two days. Air conditioners running full blast both at the store and at home. It takes me awhile to deal with that. 

So starting today Im thinking about going up to Marquette over the 24th\25th to do that Enduro. I have two weeks to think about it. Today I will get a campsite up there as I think I will try to “rough it” if the weather look good to do so. Otherwise a hotel room.

As far as the Enduro go’s… Im on the fence about that. Im sure I can do it but at the beginner level. Just as well as it will be my first time. I just like to experience different things on the bike. Attending an Enduro would be a bike bucket list thing to cross off.

Here is some info on what an Enduro is.

In a nutshell you do timed runs downhill. My beginner designation will have me do two runs. You are only timed on the downhill parts but you only have three hours to do them all. The time it takes you to get back up the hill is not timed. Just that you have 3 hours to get them all done.

Im assuming the two runs for the beginners will not be that long and could be less than 15 minutes combined. But more than an hour more to get up there twice for me. I could even walk it up the hill if I wanted to.

Then they add together your two runs and shorted time wins. Im really pretty OK going downhill and Im pretty sure I won’t embarrass myself with last place. But Im not going to hang it all out there as I have to go to work the next day. My fear is hitting a tree and not being able to drive home so I think I need to have another person go with me just in case.

Anyway, thats whats in my head the next few days. I have time to think about it. Even if I ditch doing the Enduro myself but just go up to watch\ride would be a good thing since I have the store covered that weekend anyway. I hate to waste that.

I guess I’ll just see what happenes.


Wa da ya think?

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