Its Thursday


Yesterday for Long Ride Wednesday (LRW) I had a good one. 50 miles in the books before I was done and what a change from Sunday’s disaster. First off it was only 70 degrees which is pretty much the perfect temp for me. Sunny and 70 all year round I say.

Three of us headed out on a nice pace. Not too slow and not too fast. On my crappy ride Sunday I averaged 14.2 and felt like crap. Yesterday it was 14.6mph and felt fine. We could have went faster yesterday but what would be the point? I hope to have many more LRW rides like that. 

Lots of Pelicans.

This morn I headed out to my favorite bench along the lake and was surprised to see a ton of Pelicans there. This year there are hundreds more than ever before. So I just sat back and watched them. And took a few pics.

The weather is amazing right now and looks to stay that way for awhile. It looks like a great weekend coming up. Not sure what I have planned just yet. I do have a MTB ride planned for the morning so this again could be the last post until Monday. It looks like Im setting Friday morn as MTB mornings. It seems to work out in my schedule.

But for right now I just wanted to enjoy my time in the sun on my fav bench looking out on my fav lake that just happened to have a boatload of Pelicans hanging out on it.


And this dude. He was way out there and was moving along pretty good.

Also, I am contemplating a visit to Marquette on the 24th\25th for the Trails Festival. Right now its just a thought but I do have the store covered so I almost have to go I think.  I am once again considering doing the Enduro. Just to say I did one. More on that next week. Have a great weekend!


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