One Ride Weekend


With Saturday a huge rain out my only chances of miles was on Sunday. So I planned a bigger one down to Port Washington and back. A 65 miles turn. I knew my time in the saddle was down from a few weeks ago but I was hoping this ride was the turn back in the right direction. And with the rain out the day before I thought it would be a pretty good sized ride.

But before that I did get an hour in the woods on Friday before work. A very nice ride. Very low key. I need to do more of those before work.

So Sunday I woke and was ready to go. We had six bikes, I thought it was going to be more but 6 is acceptable. We headed out to a slight headwind, if any, and knew it was going to be just as nice on the way home.

But things went kinda south for me. About 3\4th the way to our destination I started to get an upset stomach, or sour belly as we called it when we were kids. So I had to slow a bit. If I was to make it home I needed to pull back on the effort and I did so whenever it was possible. I sat on a wheel as much as I could.

When we got to Port we found out about the Pirate Fest going on there. Huge turnout with the weather so nice. Anyway, we stopped for lunch and I was feeling so bad that all I could muster was a fruit cup. I was afraid I could not keep a sandwich down.

Then, add in a little dehydration to my sour belly with a temp of 88 degrees. That’s about 30 degrees warmer than anything I’ve rode in to date this spring summer. I did have water along but it was not long before the water was too hot to drink. Now I was in real trouble.

I did pound down a Poweraid at the restaurant. And off we were for the 30 mile ride home. Pretty much knowing I was going to suffer. On the ride back I would stop just for a minute to rest, and felt better but just 10 minutes down the road I felt like crap again. Not sure if I was going to puke or what.

We all stopped with about 13 miles to go at a mini mart and I got yet more Poweraid and a Snickers and agin I felt better for awhile but with about 5 miles to go I hit the wall and at that point I was riding about 10mph max and swerving like a paperboy. I didnt say anything but I was light headed too. At that point I just put my head down, stopped talking and concentrated on the task at hand.

Of course I made it back to the store. Pretty much threw the bike in the door and jumped in my car. After a long cold shower in which I could barely stand up I hit the couch for a couple hours. I still felt like crap Monday morn. Dehydration? Flu? Not sure.

Its now Tuesday morn and I feel better but still feel a little weak. Tomorrow I have LRW (long ride wednesday) and I won’t overdo it. Temps have now backed of 30 degrees and is much easier to ride in. This happens to me every summer. The first real hot ride beats the crap out of me and it takes a few to get used to it.

Tomorrow’s ride should be much better.


Wa da ya think?

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