More Ships (and other stuff)

910am Thursday

And today here we have the US American Integrity. This ship was way out there and barely visible to the naked eye. In fact it took me awhile to even see it. And its another 1000 footer. Sometimes I dont see a ships for weeks, sometimes I see several in a few days.

Here it is a few years ago getting some work done in Milwaukee.
I almost climbed up to take a peek.

Its really Thursday morn but I will post this Friday. Im now officially down one guy now at the store. I did hire another guy who will be limited as to what he can do. As long as he can master the computer point of sale and take people’s money that will help a ton. That will at least keep me on the sales floor helping people. This Saturday is the first test.

With the stores work sched still unsettled I did not get my 6 hours in last week or most likely not this week. I did get in almost 3 hours Wednesday morn and as soon as I can set a firm schedule here I will crank up Long Ride Wednesdays once again. (LRW)

I think Im going to grab the MTB (Farely EX) and hit the local park tomorrow morn for an hour. Maybe the same thing Saturday morn too. Sunday is up in the air and I kinda like it that way. Although Sunday is our first Sunday open also. I can’t believe how fast summer came. We are now open 7 days a week and like I said, can’t figure out my ride time until I talk to everyone to set a schedule in stone.

The weather has been great so get outside this weekend.


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