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So… another morning ride foiled by rain. Pretty huge storms once again rolled thru early morning. It looks like the MTBing here is out for awhile. Pretty wet right now.

I havent said much about my current bike build. 2018 Trek Crockett. I was lucky to be one of the few here in the States to get a set of Sram Hydro eTap. And I mean there was less than a couple handfuls released. I have a few more sets on order and they show early Aug to arrive. So I got pretty lucky.

Here’s a sneak peek and the bike. Its not entirely done but will be soon. Actually Im just waiting for the rear caliper mounting bolts and thats it. I’ll announce the bike next week when its done. I didnt ride it yet but Im pretty sure I’ll be happy with it. Big 40c tires mounted tubeless. Remember, gravel is all the rage these days. Anyway, more on this later.

As I expected yesterday, Im staying home this weekend. You know I did want to change my mind this morning but a quick check on the weather up there had rain chances go from 40% to 60%. So its officially over. No first enduro for me. Im kinda bummed about that. But again, to spend the money to go up there for a weekend only to rain would be a bummer. Save the money for another day.

But I will still take advantage of the store being covered as I will put in at least a 50 miler in the morning. And then hit up the races in the afternoon\evening. Should be a nice day. Sunday most likely another road ride as Im sure the woods will still be too wet to ride. But I’ll check to make sure. So I’ll get a little “staycation” this weekend. And if Im not headed out of town thats the next best thing….


Weekend in Jeopardy

I havent been taking any pictures of late. It goes in spurts. One week I take a hundred, the next zero. That said I do have a lot in the archives to use when I need to.

Frozen beach. 1\13\17

Yesterdays LRW was only 35 miles but a year ago that was a long ride for me. I’m pretty sure I have more road miles to date this summer than all of last year. or at least close. The weather continues to be amazing. 70’s and sunny. Except for this morning. Storms rolled thru about 6am and now it high humidity and foggy. I have another ride planned this morn that got rained out.

Today I turn all my thoughts to the weekend. An hour a go I was figuring out what to pack for Marquette. And as I type this Im not going. Checking the weather has 30% chance of rain Saturday and 40% on Sunday. I just can’t spend the money to go up there with those odds. So I thought maybe Hayward. It’s a couple hours longer drive but still worth it. But same thing there. Rain Saturday and Sunday.

Im still handing on to taking the weekend off but I really dont know what to do. Now Im looking at a day trip somewhere to ride but I have to be careful as most trails are pretty wet right now. Such crappy luck. Betting odds will just have me scrapping the entire thing and working. And if i do the silver lining would be being able to attend Downer Ave. I’ve been to that one many times. I guess I’ll just consider it a consolation prize.

Maybe I’ll try the Saturday roadie group again. The one I didnt last 8 minutes in last month. Or maybe do my own Saturday morning ride. I’ll need to do something as its not fair to my employees who changed up their schedule for me to do something this weekend, just to tell them to forget it.

I just gatta figure out what it is Im going to do.


Weekend Report


My weekends are getting pretty boring. Mostly work with a few short rides thrown in. Saturday morn was a short hour and a  half on the road before the store opened. Sunday I did think of a bit longer road ride but the huge winds (up to 30mph) told me to stay on the woods so I grabbed the MTB and headed to our local park. However it was still a bit muddy from the storms a few days ago and that ride was just under an hour. I guess better than nothing. Lets see what else is going on…

The Tour of Americas Dairyland is in full swing. This is a 11 race series that took the place of Superweek, but can’t really hold a candle to Superweek when in its prime. I considered going to the race on Saturday after work but that didnt plan out. I might try and catch one during the week this week but wont get to see any next weekend if I go to Marquette. I used to try and get to at least 3 or 4 of these but just dont feel the same way about them anymore. Back in the day many ProTour teams sent riders here. Lance raced here. Cadel Evens raced here too but that was back in the Superweek era. Those caliber of teams and riders are long gone. Its still a bike race tho. If I get to one I get to one and if I dont then I dont.

So I’ll have Marquette on my mind all week. Should I go? Should I race? Should I camp? Today they have released the downhill runs for the Enduro…


The only one I’ve done before was Flow and that was like 8 years ago on my cross country bike. Also, I checked last year’s results and only one person did the beginner so I might have to consider doing sport and do three runs. So I will go to sleep pretty much every day this week thinking about this.

Best case scenario: I dont crash and I dont take last.

Worst case scenario: There are many ranging from taking absolute last with embarrassing times to ending up in the hospital.

Im a pretty smart guy and would hope that I will know when to say when and stay on the conservative side but not being even on the same page as everyone else would be pretty embarrassing and would not consider it a good experience. And a waste of 65 bucks. Not that I’ve wasted 65 bucks before on some race…..

So thats whats on my mind today. I do have some things cooking in the store, one being the building of my new Crockett with hydro eTap. I just have a few small pieces to go and its complete. Actually hope to take it up to Marquette with me.

Lets see how this week goes first.




Long Ride Wednesday seemed to be another success. 50 miles in the books. With that ride yesterday I now have done more 50+ rides this summer than all of last year. Which is 4. I used to do one a week all summer long. But Im not complaining. More is always better. At least for bike riding. I really like the new route Im using too.

A huge storm rolled thru yesterday afternoon putting MTB Fridays in jeopardy this week. I dont think the trails will be ready in time so most likely a short road ride tomorrow.

I guess with less than a week and a half to decided I need to make some decisions on the Enduro up in Marquette. But today it seems like a lot of work. Im thinking I will have to put the dropper post back on. Maybe I can get away with just dropping the rigid post before a run. Not sure. I will need to pedal back up the mountain so I could just bring a wrench with me and put it back up? I’d hate to crash and land on a wrench in my jersey pocket.

Putting the dropper post on would be at least an hour to run the cable and housing thru the frame and hook it up. That seems like a lot of work for 15 minutes of riding. Also, I will need to borrow a set of nice platform pedals. I dont own a set. You need those when you’re bombing downhill. And I guess I’ll wear my hiking boots. Their heavy enough to be able to put my foot down if I need to. Again, seems like a lot of work but I keep telling myself I need to do at least one of these. Just to say I did. When I start thinking I should maybe pass on this I watch this video.

Anyway. Will I or wont I will be the focus in the next few days. Moving on.

The last few weeks has me only posting twice a week. Its busy now but the main reason is Im riding more too. I only have so much downtime when the store is busy and I need to spend it wisely. So if i ride in the morning this could be the last post until next week.

If so have a great weekend and get outside. You know I am.