Boring Weekend

As close as I got to a ride Sunday.

I guess by my standards the weekend was a bust. My Saturday moring ride was short. Then work was slow. Then rain moved in mid afternoon.

I was supposed to head up to Marquette and I held hope right up to early Sunday morn. But I got up to rain at 6am and went back to bed. After I finally got up it was cold, wet and foggy so I just went in to work. I can get a lot of paperwork done alone when the store is closed.

But as I finished entering bill into my Quickbooks I looked out and the sun was shining. I walked outside and it was 20 degrees warmer. This was around noonish so I quickly finished up and grabbed my bike and stuff to ride and headed home.

By the time I got home, the wind switched back off the lake, it dropped 20 degrees (again) and was cloudy. That took the wind out of my sails so I went inside and took a nap. Then got up and cut the grass and needed to wear a jacket to do it. Pretty depressing since I had a 20 minute window to ride and missed it. Really I could have rode but I was just tired of wearing all the winter clothes still. That get old in late May.

I really could have used a couple days away to ride my bike this weekend. But when the weather dudes called for 70% chance of rain on Sunday and 40% for today I just could not risk spending the money.  And its sunny here now so that adds to the disappointment. Maybe another weekend will work out. But that will leave only one person in the store for two days. That’s not favorable.

I did not get my 6 hour riding goal last week but I was surprisingly close. Like within 20 minutes. I thought it would have been much less with the crappy weather.

Anyway, Im thinking a little MTBing this week before work. I’ve only got two rides on it and both were about a hour about two weeks ago.

That’s it for today. Pretty boring stuff.


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