Shimano Sync Shift


The weather here has been great. In the 60’s early morning for my rides before work. But with any full spring its windy and we now get the afternoon storms but that just tells me things are changing for the good. Temps are up.

I did an extended ride with a couple others yesterday morn. Not a LRW (long ride wednesday) but close. Over 30 miles.

On that ride I was playing with my Di2 sync shift options.

First I was full sync like the MTB XTR version and I didn’t like it. Sometimes when I was climbing it switched rings when I wasn’t ready and I timed the shift all wrong. But it was cool to just shift the bike with just my right shifter. And its cool that you never get in a bad chainline. I know people that could use that.

Then you have the semi sync. And that’s when you change the rings it bumps the rear a few gears to narrow the ratio gap. That I like. Whenever I jumped up to the big ring I always had to bump up a few gears on the cassette and now it does that for you. Same when you bump down to the small. But still lets you decided what ring you want to be in. I’ll keep it on that one for now. I like that much better.

I have a cross bike Im going to be building soon. I have Sram’s eTap coming for it. Even tho I have to use a mechanical disk brake. Hydro still months away.

Now Im not so sure. While being wireless is way cool. Being able to program different shifting options keeps Di2 one step ahead of the eTap in my book.

Many bike stores like mine have a hard time with Shimano and their online ways. Its almost impossible to sell their components over the counter anymore and thats sad. But I must say, they have a great product and I’ll keep using the stuff as much as I can.

Not sure if I will have time to post tomorrow as I have another morning ride planned. And with my possible second trip up to Marquette I won’t be back until Tuesday. The Marquette trip will be a quick one. Up early Sunday back late Monday. Couple of rides. A nice dinner. I’ll be alone but thats OK.

It will be a last minute call based on weather. Time will tell. If I can’t get back to the computer have a great weekend.


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