Nice Weekend


It seems that the weather has taken a turn towards spring this weekend. Saturday was near 70. Sunday was a bit cooler but sunny. The Saturday group ride has made the switch to summer mode and starts from a different location so Im out. But a couple guys still ride from the store and I joined them. 5 of us I think. Again, not to sound like a broken record but my days are numbered for that ride. Just two more left and my Saturday employee leaves for Alaska. I have no one to replace him and I guess I could have been a little more aggressive looking. I used websites like Indeed and Craigslist and got nothing. Indeed produced maybe 10 inquiries but only one has stopped by to get a application. Kids just dont want to work anymore….  I do have an interview today with someone so I hope that at least has some promise to it.

Sunday I had a pretty full day. Started with coffee on the beach.

2017-05-14 08.17.48
Sunday morn.

Then I grabbed the MTB and heading for my first ride in our local park this summer. I just tooled around for an hour and a half. It was a nice ride. I stopped a lot to look at stuff and spent some time on various benches.

Sunday late morn.

Every year we lose a little trail to the river. Last time I rode here I could sneak around that tree but its soo far gone now. Now I have to go to the left of the tree instead of the right. Not a big deal.

Then I got back home around noon and cleaned up to drive to Green Bay to take my mom out for lunch. I dont get up there as much as I should but you know how that go’s.

I got home around suppertime just as my kids were frying out and I got to eat second lunch. But it was really dinner. So no biggie.

As I type this Monday morn Im considering another run up to Marquette this next weekend. Sunday and Monday. This coming Sunday is the last one we are closed. Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day on Sundays. The official kick off to summer here in Wisconsin. I mean Memorial Day, not me being open…

Im pretty sure I hit 6 hours on the bike last week. And like I’ve been saying, I can bump that up to 8 but I think without Saturday mornings it will be hard to hit that mark. But at least it will give me a number to shoot for. I’ll have to rely on a few early morning rides to make up that time.

That’s about it for this weekend. I’ll know more about the Marquette thing by the next post. I’ll be going up alone but thats OK. A couple days of riding up there would be nice….


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