Short Week

Thursday Morn.

Its been a short week with getting back later Tuesday. Funny how just three days still feels like a regular work week to me.

I got out for a ride Wed, Thurs and this morn and need less than 2 hours this weekend to make six. Again, my 6 hour goal should be 8 by now and I’ll start that next week.

Im losing an employee on the 27th of this month and have not found a replacement.  And while I will have pretty good help during the week Im alone on Saturdays which is a problem. Im thinking about yet another few days up in Marquette before I lose my guy. Like the 21st and 22nd. One more shot before Im not able to do so.

The weather has kinda broke a bit. Temps near 60 everyday. Ive now put away all my thermal stuff and winter boots. I hope thats not a mistake. I still have warmers and long sleeve stuff out.

As for riding I can ride a bit in the morning tomorrow, and Sunday Im heading up to Green Bay to visit my mom on Mother’s Day. But might get back with enough time for a quick MTB ride in our local park. Or cut my grass.

That’s about all I have right now. Kinda boring lately.  Have a good weekend!


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