Marquette Visit

North Trails

Back from Marquette. Where do I start? First off, this was not a full bike trip. I kinda wanted to go up there just to hang, do a little hiking, some bike riding and of course hit up some restaurants.

We got there late Sunday. Just late enough to drive around a bit. Look at stuff. Monday I got up early and wanted to do some hiking. I’ve done nothing but biking up there and just wanted to do something different. So i decided to hike up Sugerloaf Mountain. Not a huge hike but I can’t walk as good as I can bike with my crappy knees. But it was maybe a 30 minute walk up to the top. A mix of terrain and stairs. Once up there the sight is amazing. I know there are a lot of these vistas around there and i want to eventually get to all of them.


The view of Marquette from up there is awesome. You can see the dome here.

Im trying to get to know the area a little bit better as its high on my retirement spot list. And just might be the leading candidate. But time will tell.

After the climb we hit up a nice restaurant for lunch, went back to the room for a nap (this was going to be a relaxing vaca too!), and even went out to a movie after dinner. And we ended the day by a after movie stop to Frosty Treats.

Tuesday I got up before my wife and headed over to the north trails for a good hour of riding. When I was driving to the movie last nite I found a new trailhead I did not know of. Im sure its not new but new to me.


This is the Board of Light and Power (BLP) trailhead. Never knew about this one. In the past we always started out at the Tourist Park trailhead.  This trailhead is pretty much right from the north side of the city and takes you pretty much right down to the “north” trail not far from the famous bridge.


This bridge. Not that the ride from Tourist to here is bad, in fact thats some pretty good trail and should not be ignored. But its weird how in the past when we rode out to this spot we kinda thought we were out in the sticks and in reality we were about 100 yards from the city all the while.

Im sure this is all been documented on maps and Im sure  its probably on the maps I have now but I kinda like finding this stuff on my own. It’s fun to stumble on a new trail I have not been on, even cooler if its right where Ive rode past many times before.

Anyway, I finally got my first ride in on dirt Sunday morn before I left for Marquette. Just on out local trails here. But thought later how cool would it have been to get my first dirt ride in Marquette. I should have waited for it. But its all good. Now that I got the 29+ wheels on the Farely I’ll be hitting up the dirt a few times per week.

And I just might plan another weekend in Marquette this month. A Sunday and Monday would work out the best with the store. Will see.


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