My BMC Road Machine is done. The issue with the left shifter was, in fact, just the wire. I would never believe it could have been that simple. It’s like when someone says to turn your computer off and on again to fix it and it does. I’m not complaining, just happy for once one of my problems was a simple fix. That’s not always the case.

Took it for its maiden voyage this morn. Stopped to make a few adjustments along the way but have the bike pretty close to final. For a hydro disk brake bike its pretty light. 16 pounds and change.

The hydro bleed was not as bad as I thought and I’ll go out a limb here to say Shimano brakes are pretty much the easiest to bleed. But it was a lot of work for size the housing correctly. Especially thru the head tube.

In fact, I think I have about 7 hours work on this bike. Thats a lot. I can build a “normal” bike in less than three hours. But there is so much more going on here. This was my first time running all the wires\hoses thru the headtube on any bike. It just takes a little more time and planning and Im sure the next time will be faster.

Anyway, looking forward to many miles on this bike this summer, then to selling it in Sept. Easy come, easy go.

It’s Thursday and this might be the last post this week if I ride in the morning. That said, Im planning to leave Sunday for Marquette,MI and won’t be back until next Tuesday nite.

I’ll have bikes along but this won’t be a bike trip. More of a relaxing trip with my wife. I’d like to do some hiking to a few waterfalls. Things I would not normally do on a bike trip visit. Its been a busy spring here and Im looking forward to the time off. And to visiting one of my favorite cities.

But not before I get in a road ride Saturday and Sunday morns. Break in the RM1. Strangely, I have had my 29+ wheelset for my Farely for two weeks and have yet to mount them. I just might get to that today as thats the bike I will take to Marquette Sunday even tho I might just be tooling around on the city paths. At least I will be doing it in style. Who knows, I might get a hour to ride a smidge of the north trails (my fav) if my wife can find something to do for a bit.

My 6 hour week goal might not be met this week and thats fine. I only have an hour in to date, but maybe another one tomorrow and with Sat\Sun mornings who knows….  Then when I get back from my mini vaca the weekly saddle time will be bumped to 8 hours and its game on. The 10 day weather looks not bad. Not much rain and temps in the 50’s everyday. I’ll take that right now.

So I’ll leave it at that. Have a good weekend and Im sure I’ll have a lot of cool pics to post from Da U.P. next Wednesday.


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