Rides And Roadmachine 1

Friday was a no post due to a short and cold bike ride. Four of us left the store and I could only muster maybe an hour and a half due to my toes going numb. And other cold body part too. 318157720_1064170903714633_4046159412670580955_n7 degrees at ride time and I just did not dress correctly once again. Huge swings in temps have me confused ongoing. And I suffer.

Saturday was going to be the same temp so Im happy to say I took the data from Friday’s ride and used it Saturday to nail down the dress code

Another great group ride. Sadly I was back to the winter boots and jacket but at least I was warm. And with Saturday’s ride I got in my 6 hour weekly goal for the fourth week in a row. Now, in May the time goal jumps to 8 hours per week. Bring it on.

There I am in the white. Always near the front 20% of the peloton. Cuz thats the safe zone.

That, and I can easier jump out to contest the sigh sprints (not).

So as I mentioned last Tuesday my levers for the RM1 build were on the way and they have arrived. I now have every trinket to start the build.

And not a better day to do that then a rainy Sunday. So off to the store I went.

The build went good and bad. I was petrified of doing the internal routing thru the head tube but it was not that bad. Just took my time. Once that was done the rest was same old same old. Ive done so many Di2 builds but Im still amazed on how easy it is to do. With the right tools of course.

Alas not all was good in build town. My left shifter is dead and I need to call Shimano on it later today. The software recognizes it but it just won’t move the front derailleur. But before I call Im going to try a new wire between the shifter and A junction. But thats a long shot. I also need to bleed the brakes but I won’t do so in case I need a new lefty.


However, I’ve already moved all the stuff off the RM2 onto the this bike so I am without a road bike until I get that shifter up and running and thats just the way it is.

I’ve been getting some good time in the saddle the last few weeks and taking a couple days off is not a big deal. Actually, if it would stop raining I have the Farely EX to ride as i did get the 29+ wheelset in and just need to get them on the bike… but again, its got to stop raining.

Maybe Wednesday will be my first ride in the woods??


Wa da ya think?

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